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You should read the general terms and conditions carefully, as they are binding when you place an order. All services which are offered on our pages are only carried out on the basis of these terms and conditions. The traffic with our ladies and gentlemen is only protected (with condom).

1. Order Processing:

Establishment of contact takes place by Mail or telephone, represents however only first establishment of contact and is not obligatory therefore. The scheduling is handled in detail and confidentially by telephone and confirmed by an order confirmation from us by e-mail.

2. Fees:

The fee which the escort girls receive for their services can be found under the point “fee”. Any costs, such as food, travel, entrance fee for the opera or hotel accommodation costs are to be paid by you as a customer. Rail, taxi or flight costs are also to be paid by you as a customer and can also be found under the item “Fees” (seasonal fluctuations, especially in flight costs, are also to be paid by you).

3. Payment Method

The payment according to “fee” + possible additional costs is always made at the beginning of a meeting in cash to our escort girls. Only Euro is accepted as currency. Unless you as a client have agreed otherwise with us. For a longer booking (two days and more) a deposit of 40% is due. If you want to take one of our escort girls with you on a trip, you have to transfer the seasonal travel price in advance to our business account. We will then take care of booking the tickets (flight etc.) for you. If you want to meet an escort lady more than 100 km from her hometown (residence of the lady), we ask you to transfer the travel expenses to our business account in advance.

4. Extension of the contract:

If you as a customer wish to extend your contract with one of our escort girls, please contact our escort model (if this is possible) and our escort lady will receive the extension in cash according to our fees. Our escorts will then contact us to confirm the extension.

5. Cancellation/ right of withdrawal:

You have the possibility to cancel without giving reasons up to 48 hours before the beginning of the service. The possibly paid deposit will be retained as a credit. A new booking should be made within 30 days. Should you cancel within a shorter period of time, the possibly paid deposit will be retained for the time spent by the escort agency and the time kept free for the escort. Rhein Escort is not obliged to provide the service retrospectively. If cancellation costs are incurred for flight and train tickets, you must pay these yourself.
Rhein Escort will do everything possible to fulfil your wishes and all agreements made to your complete satisfaction. However, should the booked escort lady be unable to attend at short notice for an important reason, such as illness or accident, and not be able to keep the agreed date, Rhein Escort will suggest another escort lady. If you refuse to do so, the mutual claims to the actual service are void. A deposit on the fee will of course be refunded immediately. Rhein Escort will then bear the excess of the cancellation costs for the flight or train ticket of the escort lady. Other claims for compensation on your part are excluded.

Rhein Escort and the Escort Girls may withdraw from the booking without notice if the execution of the appointment is permanently disturbed by you. The same applies if someone behaves in a manner that is strongly contrary to the contract. In this case, Rhein Escort will not reimburse any costs whatsoever and will retain this amount as compensation for own expenses in the event of a down payment of 40% of the fee.

6. Discretion

We will treat your data (name, address, telephone number, etc.) as strictly confidential and will not misuse it in any way for advertising purposes and will not pass it on to third parties. You only need to provide the data for order processing. All personal data is subject to the data protection regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act. You, as a customer, agree to the processing and use of your data within the scope and to the extent stated above. Your privacy will of course be respected, we also ask you to refrain from private questions about addresses and telephone numbers of the escorts.

7. Final Clauses

Bulgarian law applies in principle to all orders placed. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is that of the contractor. With the terms and conditions you also agree not to assign any rights from the contract concluded with us to third parties. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be invalid, or the terms and conditions contain a loophole, the validity of the remaining parts remains unaffected. Instead of the ineffective or missing regulations, the respective legal regulations or regulations which correspond to the sense of the ineffective regulations will be applied.