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Do you have regular business in the Emirates and would like a high class travel companion? With Rhein Escort Dubai your business trips will be a passionate experience. Exceptional high class escort models and students will accompany you to all your plans and assist you with your appointments. Furthermore, you will relax together in the evening and experience passionate nights. Choose your VIP travel companion now at our High Class Escort Agency and experience your very own personal luxury vacation.

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Discover Dubai with Escort and enjoy pure luxury

Dubai is known for its hedonistic lifestyle. The city has become a playground for the rich and famous. Therefore, many attractive women are attracted to the city’s bars and clubs. But Dubai is very conservative. It is therefore advisable to book your escort in Dubai already from Germany. In our VIP escort agency you will find many charming models and students, who will be happy to read your every wish from your lips.

Do you already have an idea what you wish for? Maybe you wish for a dark-haired beauty that takes your breath away. Or do you have a preference for blondes? With our travel companions you are spoilt for choice. Decide beforehand on the lady who exactly meets your expectations. Don’t leave it to chance to make an acquaintance in one of the bars, but get on the plane together with your dream woman.

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Special highlights with Escort in Dubai

Spice up your stay in the Emirates

When it comes to experiencing Dubai with escort, anything is possible. To see what Dubai has to offer is of course twice as much fun with a beautiful woman at your side. Our Elite Escorts are the most exciting travel companions who will be only too happy to show you the highlights of Dubai. From all the skyscrapers and attractions such as the Burj Khalifa or the fountains to the night dancing in the best nightclubs and bars in the city.

And if you need to attend an event, you’ll be in good hands with a beautiful escort from our agency. In addition, you can also spend the whole night in your suite with passion and eroticism. Just as you wish.

Sights, sports and music

When you think of glamour and excess, Dubai comes to mind. And there are some really breathtaking sights to admire. Explore the Palm Islands or the world. Enjoy the spectacular skyline. Or get on a yacht to see one of the most famous sporting events, the Grand Prix. Watching the highlight of the F1 racing calendar from the water, this is otherwise only possible in Monaco.

If you are looking for glitz and glamour, sun-seekers will love what Dubai has to offer. This city offers highlights in every season, even in spring. In March alone you can visit the International Jazz Festival, The Desert Classic, one of the most anticipated golf events of the year, and of course the tennis championships in Dubai. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a music lover, this holiday destination really has something for everyone.

Travelling with an escort in Dubai opens up endless possibilities and opportunities. Why discover new destinations alone when you can create memories that will last a lifetime? Book a first class escort service with us today and find your perfect travel companion.

A Brunch in Dubai is an experience

Friday is the best day to enjoy a luxury brunch in Dubai. Many cafes offer unlimited champagne. There are seafood buffets on every corner but of course also a la carte options. Some of the most popular cafes for weekend brunch are Le Meridien, Nobu and Zuma.

How do you sensibly arrange a weekend in Dubai?

It makes sense to treat yourself to a little luxury right away. After all, you are in one of the most impressive destinations in the world. So get into a taxi right at the airport and drive straight to the heart of the city.

Before you know it, you’ll be at one of Dubai’s most sought-after attractions, the Burj Khalifa. Here you can enjoy some of the most incredible views of the city. It’s not spectacular enough. Then get into a helicopter with your escort in Dubai and look at the skyline from above.

Don’t miss the city centre during these two days. Here you will find many luxurious, gastronomic experiences. The shopping centre should also be at the top of your list of priorities. Because there are over 1200 boutiques to explore with your Dubai Escort. In the Dubai Mall you can also visit the iconic fountains.

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