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Rhein Escort Freiburg is your exclusive escort service in Breisgau. Selected escort girls and call girls know how to sweeten your free time, to seduce and to spoil you. Experience exciting hours, nights or several days with the High Class Escort Service. You will experience how exciting your stay with our attractive ladies can be. Add another highlight to your visit in Breisgau.

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For togetherness and eroticism with the escorts

Wherever you have to go with your business, Rhein Escort in Freiburg is always there for you. Make an appointment with our escorts also in Karlsruhe or Mannheim. A booking is of course also possible throughout Europe and after careful planning also worldwide. Time and again, for example, our ladies are booked as escorts to Zurich and Munich. So the ladies will not only accompany you through Baden Württemberg. Enjoy everywhere the togetherness with the Escort Girls of the escort service for Freiburg. We are looking forward to your contact. High Class Escort Service means for us to always meet your wishes and expectations.

And we often succeed in surpassing them. So that you can fully enjoy your valuable time with the high class escorts from the escort agency, we offer an all-round service that is second to none. We will reserve your table in the restaurant, tickets for the theatre or tickets for your excursions to the Black Forest. Our driving service is at your disposal until late at night. Enjoy the togetherness with the escort models and let yourself go. All models enjoy taking you into the realm of eroticism. You will not forget these fireworks so quickly. When can Escort Freiburg accept your first booking?

Enjoy eroticism with Escort Service in Freiburg

Freiburg offers unlimited possibilities for successful escort dates. The proximity to France and Switzerland makes it clear that having fun in the company of the escort service is absolutely essential. Cities like Basel, Zurich, Colmar and Strasbourg are always worth a detour. Enjoy an exciting time with the ladies also outside the hotel. But be assured, the pure eroticism will certainly not be neglected when booking. Now we have awakened your anticipation and it is up to you. We are looking forward to your call soon. We would also be happy if you want to discover Zurich with Escort Girl.

Rhein Escort Freiburg has also been represented in the beautiful Breisgau for a long time. Book with us beautiful call girls, models and students as escort service in Freiburg. Together we will discover the picturesque old town or the famous market place around the cathedral. The student city attracts with a variety of gastronomy and our escort service will take care of your entertainment. Are you already looking forward to the evening hours? During a dinner together in one of the beautiful restaurants, your lady will only have to look after you. Erotic adventures are guaranteed with our call girls.

Escort Girls in Freiburg –

charmanter und aufregender

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Are you still looking for an exclusive hotel or restaurant?

Colombi Hotel

This luxurious hotel in the historic old town of Freiburg offers a Michelin-starred restaurant, an indoor pool and a well-equipped fitness room. You will stay with your escort opposite Colombi Park and the picturesque Colombi Castle. The interior decoration is elegant without being ostentatious. Families on a weekend trip feel as comfortable here as business travellers. The excellent cuisine and friendly service will make your stay a special experience.

Rotteckring 16, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
Telefon: +49 761 21060

Restaurant Wolfshöhle

This restaurant is considered an institution in Freiburg. Here creatively prepared dishes are on the menu. The guests like to linger in the guest room, because the modern warm colours as well as the furniture invites to relax in style. Ideal for your first escort date. But not only the design is impressive, but especially the kitchen. Here you can rely on fresh and regional products. The menu is small and characterized by meat and fish dishes as well as the seasons. Menus are available from three to seven courses. Here, the chef has dispensed with the classic menu sequence and instead puts it together anew every day.

Konviktstraße 8, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
Telefon: +49 761 30303

Arena Bar – Playboy Bar – what next?

Where breasts used to sparkle, rolls are baked now. After a bakery moved into the Arena Bar on Schwarzwaldstraße a few years ago, the Playboy Bar is now a bistro. The big plans of the Hamburg neighbourhood size Z. Hansen with a playpen in the Arena Bar quickly failed. But the premises will be hot in the air – as is well known, the wood stove is not only at room temperature.

The Playboy Bar was one of the last bastions of Freiburg’s formerly flourishing nightlife. Back in the 1970s, personalities like Roberto Blanco or Rudi Carrell came to the Playboy Bar to flirt with Gina Wildkatz’s girls. And even Freiburg’s city councillors could be found in the Playboy Bar from time to time after the council meetings, so the rumour goes. Today the Escort Service Freiburg provides erotic adventures in Breisgau.

Curiosities from the Breisgau

They spit on passers-by, stick out their tongue, expose their buttocks. No, of course we are not talking about our escort ladies, but about the gargoyles at the Freiburg Cathedral. Gargoyles can be found at many places of worship. The meaning of these often frivolous figures is hardly known until today. Because the figures are so ugly they have hardly been researched. And in Freiburg im Breisgau am Münster you will find a real chamber of horrors. Even a skeleton of a corpse stares down at the cathedral square with protruding eyes.

How the beautiful monsters came about, you are probably asking yourself now. The simplest explanation is: High up, where nobody is looking exactly anyway, the sculptors could let off steam as they pleased. The idea that the devil could be banished by grimaces that looked similar to him is common in many cultures. Another interpretation ascribes an instructive intent to these ugly horror creatures. The believers were thus made aware of man’s sinfulness. We have certainly aroused your interest in this topic. You can be quite sure – the ladies of the Escort in Freiburg are also familiar with sin and offer an eventful escort service.

Enjoy culinary delights and spoil the girls

Between cheese and Rösti Swiss in the south, Swabian Maultaschenhelden in the east and Alsatian gourmets in the west, the Black Forest has developed into the culinary oasis of the southwest. The abundant star-crowned recipe for success is the mixture of the cuisines of the border triangle.

Look out for the down-to-earth first. You will recognize it by the names of the inns: Zum Ochsen, Zum Engel, Zum Löwen, Zum Adler, Zum Wilden Mann – these are houses that have usually been around for centuries and live off local guests. The home-style cooking of the Black Forest is slightly meat- and potato-based, solid, seasonally varied – be sure to look out for game, lamb and fish specialities. The ladies of Escort in Freiburg are happy to feast with you.

You can also recognize the Black Forest by the omnipresent Vesper. From the farmer’s inn to the gourmet restaurant, all of them offer their own separate snack menu in competition with the menu. The chefs prove their high art with Baden and Alsatian sausage salad variations, the cheese is not to be sneezed at, but the flagship of the Vesper cards is still the famous Speckvesper. It consists of farmhouse bread, belly and ham bacon, liver and black sausage and raw onions.

The old brewing tradition, mostly of monastic origin, has given the Black Forest strong, tasty beers from Alpirsbach, Rothaus and Fürstenberg. Many small family breweries have also survived. It is worth paying attention to this when choosing beverages. And also the ladies like to say cheers.

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