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Are you traveling in Bochum or the Ruhr area and don’t want to spend the night alone? Rhein Escort Bochum offers elegant ladies, call girls and escort girls for excellent High Class Escort Service. Experience how exciting it can be to discover the “pot” in the company of charming and sexy ladies from our escort agency. Enjoy escorts of all kinds, tingling conversations, sensual and romantic togetherness full of erotic highlights. Find your dream woman here and arrange an unforgettable rendezvous now.

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Restaurants for a rendezvous in the Ruhr Area

Restaurant Empfehlung vom Begleitservice in Bochum


Here, the piece of meat is “shock-heated” at 800¬įC, so that the surface proteins of the outer cells of the steak caramelise, a process known as Maillard reaction, which produces a tasty, but also very dark crust that prevents the liquid from escaping from the steak. This results in an incomparable taste! You and your charming companion will be delighted.

Altenbochumer Str. 64, 44803 Bochum
Telefon: +49 234 9350405


Restaurant Empfehlung von Escort Bochum

Sushi Takeshi

The Takeshi serves the finest sushi in a sky lounge. Experience and enjoy the finest Japanese cuisine with a view over the roofs of Altenbochum. “Preserve the best and create something unique”. Only the very best ingredients are combined here to create creative sushi dishes. The chef learned his skills in Dortmund Edo. He has perfected his way of preparation in Japan. Without reservation useless. Gladly we take over that for you.

Theoderichstraße 27, 44803 Bochum
Telefon: +49 234 6049470


Restaurant Tipp der Begleitagentur Bochum


Go into town, watt will feed you there, a currywurst. I need something in my stomach, for my escort girl from Bochum here, a sausage. What would the Ruhr Area be without curry sausage? The Bratwursthaus serves typical sausage specialities, chips and homemade sauces. Sometimes it simply has to be this legendary snack in the Bermuda Triangle. Here the spicy sausage is still considered a culinary attraction.

Kortumstraße 18, 44787 Bochum
Telefon: +49 234 92788433


Nightlife for connoisseurs

Pearlz by Barzani

Here you will find the best and most creative cocktails in the pot! In addition a very good advice on gin and all classic cocktails. The bar is manageably large and therefore very cosy. The guests are relaxed, the bartenders creative! In the meantime the owner, by the way the fastest cocktail mixer in Germany, has opened a counterpart in the D√ľsseldorf Media Harbour. There too, all critics shower him with praise. Keep up the good work.

Kortumstraße 3, 44787 Bochum

Pearlz Facebook

Finca & Bar Celona

Here you will quickly forget that you are in the Ruhr area. The Finca reflects many Mediterranean influences. Both in the grandiose kitchen, as well as in the furnishing and thus in the atmosphere. The restaurant and bar should convey the attitude towards life of the south of Europe and transfer the relaxed way of life to the guests. In this finca and bar you can simply enjoy.

Gahlensche Str. 92, 44809 Bochum

Bilder der Finca


The name gives it away. And that’s exactly what you can expect in this Cuban cocktail bar. Colourful cocktails, celebratory music and a small dance floor. The atmosphere in Havana is reminiscent of a holiday, and thanks to the palm trees, a Caribbean feeling really comes to life. Enjoy freshly prepared cocktails and Caribbean food and flirt with salsa and merengue rhythms on the dance floor.

Kreuzstraße 6, 44787 Bochum

Men√ľs, Drinks und Location

Hotel recommendations for your stay

Courtyard Marriott am Stadtpark

The Courtyard Stadtpark offers business travellers an idyllic retreat in the middle of the city centre. The spacious rooms with park view are equipped according to modern standards and have a bathroom and a small refrigerator. After an eventful day, enjoy your favourite drink in the fireside lounge with your dream woman from the Bochum escort.

Klinikstraße 43-45, 44791 Bochum
Telefon: +49 234 61000


Mercure Hotel

Thanks to its excellent location, this hotel is particularly popular. During a short walk with your escort service in Bochum you will reach the planetarium and the Bochum playhouse. The German Mining Museum and the Bismarck Monument are also within easy reach. The hotel has a restaurant, fitness facilities and a bar with lounge.

Massenbergstraße 19 21, 44787 Bochum
Telefon: +49 234 9690


Renaissance Hotel

This hotel offers full service. It is only 3 minutes walk from the “Starlight Express”. The Ruhrstadion is right next door. You can also quickly reach Bochum’s city park as well as the zoo and fossil park. And arm in arm with your escort girl from Bochum you can also reach the famous Bermuda3Eck during a short walk.¬†There is also a sauna and steam bath.

Stadionring 18, 44791 Bochum
Telefon: +49 234 61010


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