Become an Escort Girl with Rhein Escort!

  • Get to know interesting and stylish gentlemen
  • Decide for yourself which dates you accept
  • Meet only in the best hotels & restaurants
  • Get to know other cities on exclusive trips
  • We guarantee discretion and anonymity
  • Earn more than in any other side job
  • We take over the complete organization
  • Expenses and travel costs are covered
  • Determine the number of your dates yourself
  • Enjoy the flexibility like no other business

Information about cooperation and application form

Rhein Escort is a high class escort service for high demands of international clientele and is looking for female employees.

* You are studying, in training or already in professional life?
* You speak German, English and/or another foreign language?
* You have a very good general education?
* Are you interested in culture, politics or current affairs?
* You have a well-groomed and attractive appearance?
* You have cultivated manners and know how to move elegantly and nobly in public appearances?
* You are natural, self-confident and have style and class?
* You are cosmopolitan and love adventure?
* You are sensitive and charming?
* You are absolutely discreet, reliable and punctual?
* You are flexible in your time management?
* You are adventurous and enjoy the adventure?

Then you are exactly right with us.

We offer you:

* 100% seriousness and discretion
* Dates only with your prior consent
* the complete organisational handling
* Design and realization of all advertising activities
* excellent pay
* no admission fees

Discretion and secrecy have top priority for Rhein Escort. We protect the privacy of our ladies and our clients equally.
If you are interested, please send us a short curriculum vitae and some current portrait and full body photos. We will then contact you immediately. We will treat your contact very discreetly and assure you that the photos sent to our escort agency will not be published.

Financial freedom

Create a financial scope for yourself that you have only dreamed of until now. Quite incidentally to your job, your studies or your training, you can fulfil these wishes with an additional income.

Free time management

You don’t always have to have time with us, but you can become active whenever you want. At the beginning of each week we will discuss with you the possibilities of employment in order to take into account all private obligations.

Consideration of your interests

For each escort date we provide a perfectly coordinated preparation and you will receive all relevant information from us. You then decide yourself whether you want to accept or not. We will not give you any instructions whatsoever.

Possibilities outside your residence

Rhein Escort is predominantly active in NRW. For remote regions our driving service is at your disposal at any time.
Many of our clients also book a lady again and again for their travels within Europe or for appointments in other cities in Germany.
So if you like to travel, we offer you the opportunity to get to know many interesting cities in Europe when you work with us.

Due to the synergy effects of the different escort areas, we are able to provide our clients as well as our escort ladies with comprehensive and perfect service. We take care of the entire organisation of your appointments and if required, our chauffeur service is at your disposal at any time. We are always happy to assist you on all occasions with competent and personal advice. We not only arrange you as an escort, but we make every effort around the clock to ensure that you have success with one of the most beautiful and lucrative secondary activities in the world. As a stylish and serious escort agency we do not offer apartments for your rendezvous. The meetings take place in the best hotels of the respective metropolis.

Is the team of Rhein Escort always available for me?

During our cooperation we are always available for you by phone. You can also reach us by phone at any time during your appointments, even at night.

Does Rhein Escort do enough advertising?

Rhein Escort has many national and international clients. Satisfied customers recommend us daily. Of course Rhein Escort is always represented in all search engines and advertises specifically on the Internet.

What securities do I have in the agency?

Every client is checked by us for seriousness and personality. You will receive all relevant data from us so that you can establish personal contact before the meeting.

Can I leave the agency at any time?

Of course you decide yourself how long you want to work with us. But it goes without saying that we are interested in a long-term cooperation.

What happens with my personal data?

All personal data and information about you will be treated absolutely confidential. Your data will only be used for internal use within the agency and will never be passed on to a client. Of course, the agency will only place you under your artist name. Please use the application form now for a first contact or give us a call. We are always anxious that a personal interview can take place at short notice.

Where and how do the meetings take place?

Our clients stay mainly in renowned 4 or 5 star hotels. With Rhein Escort, the minimum booking duration for an escort booking is 2 hours. Very often, however, much longer arrangements are made. We consider it incompatible that an escort agency, which is active in the upscale sector, offers shorter dates. It is only possible to achieve an atmosphere of familiarity and serenity when meeting for 2 hours or more.

Which period do I get paid?

The client will pay for the entire time of the meeting and additionally your travel expenses.

How many appointments can I expect per month?

That is entirely up to your flexibility. You can determine the number of your dates yourself.

Am I flexible in my time management?

You are more flexible with us than in any other business. The escort job is suitable for ladies who have a full-time job, study or model. You can decide yourself when, how often and where you want to accept your dates.

Can I plan my dates in advance?

Of course. Bookings and all information will be discussed with you beforehand and only if your time allows the client will confirm. Of course there are many requests at short notice. If you do not see a possibility to take the date, that is not a problem. We will then recommend another lady for the date.

How much money do I get and how much is the commission?

How much you will earn depends on how many bookings you can take. Basically, working as an escort in our agency can be very lucrative.

What costs do I incur for a meeting?

None! All costs such as expenses, travel expenses or travel costs are of course paid by our client. Therefore there are no costs for you.

Are trips to other cities and countries a prerequisite for the job?

No. Only if you want to! You decide yourself in which region you want to move and whether you want to travel.

Our escort agency is always looking for attractive, charming ladies between 18 – 40 years for the Escort Service in Germany and Europe.

Best conditions for an Escort:

– a cultivated and attractive appearance
– charming and sympathetic charisma
– Clothing from sporty to sexy to elegant evening dress
– Enjoyment of new contacts and cultivated communication
– open-minded and communicative
– self-confident, sophisticated and cultivated
– absolutely discreet and a serious appearance
– good educational background
– reliable compliance with agreements and deadlines
– Interest in the beautiful things in life

Do you meet the high standards of Rhein Escort? Then please apply with our application form.

Summary of the licensing requirement in the prostitution trade

The Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG) provides for very comprehensive obligations for operators of escort agencies and escort ladies. Operators will need a concession in the future. Escort ladies must register and attend a health consultation.

Obligations for the escort agency

The prerequisite for the granting of a licence is the presentation of an approved operating concept. A further prerequisite is the “reliability” of the applicant. This required reliability will NOT be present in the event of a legally binding conviction within the last five years for violation of restricted area regulations or pimping. However, violations of the law on foreigners or the law on illegal employment can and will probably lead to the rejection of the licence applied for.
After the operating license has been granted, extensive obligations must still be complied with. For example, no escort ladies may be employed without a certificate of registration. The operator is also held jointly responsible for compliance with the condom obligation. He has to provide sufficient condoms and point out the traffic with condoms.

The ProstSchG now also makes it clear that an operator may not exercise any right of instruction towards escort ladies. (This has always been excluded on our website) Instructions regarding sexual practices and dress codes are also inadmissible. Agreements about services of the operator towards escort ladies and vice versa must be in written or electronic form! In addition to tax recording obligations, the operator also has extensive recording and storage obligations under the Prostitute Protection Act. The records must be made daily and kept for two years. The issued operating licence can be revoked or withdrawn.

Obligations for the escort ladies

This includes the obligation to register before taking up the activity. The competent authority for this is not regulated by law. The cities and municipalities will still make regulations for this. In any case, notification must be made in the place where the activity is to be predominantly carried out.  The registration must be made in person. German and EU citizens only need their identity card or passport. For all other foreign escort ladies, proof of entitlement to pursue self-employment is also required, unless they are entitled to freedom of movement. An information and counselling interview must be held upon registration. In this conversation the escort lady should be informed about her rights and duties and will receive all information about the new ProstSchG. The escort lady will receive a certificate of registration. She must always carry this with her and present it to a landlord, operator or escort agency. The registration certificate is valid for two years and for persons under 21 years for one year. It must therefore be constantly renewed.

In addition to the registration certificate, it is also possible to have an alias certificate issued. This certificate does not contain the correct first and last name but an alias (work name/pseudonym).
Furthermore, registration is linked to participation in a health consultation. The prostitute receives a certificate for this. She must present this certificate when registering to take up work (see above). After registration of the activity, this health counselling must be repeated every 12 months. Prostitutes under 21 years of age must even repeat this counselling at least every 6 months. A breach of these obligations can have considerable consequences. Fines of up to one thousand euros can be imposed. In the worst case, the further exercise of the activity as an escort lady can be prohibited.

The legal obligation to use condoms is now also new. Up to now there are only individual regulations in ordinances. Whoever starts with the activity must register immediately from 01.07.2017 and seek health advice. It is also important to know that the authority issuing the certificate of registration will immediately inform the responsible tax office of the contents of the registration.

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