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Why more and more couples book Escort Service

Do you also toy with the idea of booking an escort with your wife or girlfriend? It is quite natural that a couple always wants to experience new things, especially when it comes to eroticism. Many couples book with our escort agency to have fun together. But also more and more women for their husbands. To give him a special pleasure, or to enjoy themselves in threes.

Auch als Paar Escort Service und Begleitservice buchen

To spice up your love life

Passionate kisses in the cinema, fumbling under the table in the restaurant and whole days in bed: at the beginning of a relationship you can’t keep your hands off each other. Everything revolves around the erotic moments in life.
But after a few years of everyday life and stress at work, boredom often arises. The previously so exciting love life becomes a must. Do not hesitate any longer. It is important to keep the intimate life exciting and thrilling. And exactly this is the most common reason why couples choose an escort service. If you get bored with the same routine over and over again, this can be the perfect way to give your love life the necessary kick.

Let your fantasies come true

Most men fantasize about a threesome (according to Wikipedia the smallest possible variant of group sex) with two women. Some do not really want to do it. Others just keep dreaming about it. And some actually do it. But also more and more women have this fantasy. To get involved with two men. Or, as a couple, to find another playmate. Where does that work better than with a high class escort service?

Was it your partner who has always been interested in a threesome? Or have you always loved the idea of watching your partner with another woman and getting involved in lovemaking? Whatever your fantasy is, a dedicated escort lady can bring it to life. Furthermore, an escort service is always the best option when it comes to discretion.

Couple Escort: Rediscover the desire for yourself

Escort für Paare

Experimentation keeps relationships alive and brings a new wind into the bedroom. Couples who are open with their fantasies and also dare to embark on these adventures are often happier and their love life is more fulfilling. So there are many reasons to rediscover the pleasure of a threesome.
Furthermore, there is also hardly a fantasy that is dominated by so many prejudices. Couples fear that a threesome can quickly become a relationship killer. Singles often feel uncomfortable with a loving and familiar couple.
An escort for couples is a pleasant experience for you and your partner. Even if you decide that it should be a one-time thing. And who knows? The appetite for “more” often comes with trying.

Stay in control

Are you ready for a threesome and have already decided to do so as a couple? Congratulations. But don’t you think that from now on nothing can go wrong. The agreement to try a ménage à trois is followed by the planning of the love play.

When you think how hard it can be to harmonize only with your partner in bed. Now imagine how difficult it will be to achieve a good balance as a threesome. The most important thing for you as a couple is to stay in control. Do the right preparatory work and you will have a breathtaking experience as a threesome.

Book an escort service and everyone involved knows what is expected of them. As a couple you can be sure that you will not be pushed out of your comfort zone. You are in control of the entire experience and can tailor it to your preferred fantasy.